National Conference on ‘Frontiers in MS Technology and Emerging Applications’ - 2015

Indian Institute of Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (IICMS), the training arm of Spinco Biotech, welcomes you all for this exciting National Conference on 'Frontiers in MS Technology and Emerging Applications'. Chennai, the southern gateway of India, well known for its cultural activities setting the tone for such even! Though MS is over 100 years old, it continues to pervade newer areas of Science. IICMS offers a seamless connectivity between you and the experts, elevating your knowledge on mass spectrometry with its conglomeration of experts today both from industry & academia providing a knowledge sharing platform towards the application of this universal technique in relevant and untapped areas.As you wade through the abstracts, you will realize that the expert lectures cover the most recent application of mass spectrometry including regulatory perspectives. Complementing this are over 40 posters on display covering recent applications.

National Conference on ‘Frontiers in MS Technology and Emerging Applications’ - 2012

Indian Institute of Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (IICMS), a dedicated institute for mass spectrometry and first of its kind, has now become a year old ‘adult’. IICMS has successfully conducted the second one day national conference on ‘Frontiers in Mass Spectrometry & Emerging Applications’ unifying all stalwarts of mass spectrometry under one roof at Chennai on November, 19, 2012. It was a conglomeration of more than 180 scientists where experience and exposure of mass spectrometry had become the ‘talk of the town’ through invited talks and dialogues in the form of questions and answers. It was like ‘West meeting the East’ where invited speakers, who had imbibed mass spectrometry over couple of decades, enlightened the young minds such as research scholars or the young scientists who have started practicing mass spectrometry.

National Conference on ‘Frontiers in MS Technology and Emerging Applications’ - 2011

The theme of this conference was on “Frontiers in MS Technology and emerging applications” and the conference saw the confluence of over 150 scientists from all over the country. This national conference on mass spectrometry was one of the key initiatives by IICMS in ‘sharing learning’. Eminent speakers from the industry, national institutes and academia who have made valuable contributions through their pioneering work using mass spectrometry, addressed the huge gathering with their interesting, informative and insightful lectures. The one-day event comprised of two sessions, the morning session focused on instrumentations needs, chemical sciences and the afternoon session addressed discussions where brainstorming among the speakers and participants resulted in sharing of MS knowledge and applications.